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Real fur scarf is perfect to keep you warm

Posted by violeta 10/05/2017 0 Comment(s) Men's fur scarves and accessories,Women's fur scarves and accessories,

The winter period is here again, which means temperatures in certain parts of the world are dropping. Nonetheless, fashionistas are not ready to let the snowflakes get in the way of conveying their fashion statement. They have found the perfect way to stay classy, sophisticated and warm. What better way is there to make the best of the winter than to accessorize with real fur…?



Undeniably, the fur trend is back again. It’s not just fur coats that are in vogue, fur material has been incorporated into different outfits such as designer skirts and dresses, shirts, boots, among st others. An important accessory that people can’t seem to get their eyes off from is the unique and sophisticated appearance of real fur scarves.It’s important to note that fur scarves can be a difficult accessory to pull off if you don’t know the right way to wear it. There’s a unique way to pull off wearing such unique accessories; some helpful tips to make you feel good about  wearing real fur scarves  of include the following;


1.      Guys can choose to wrap the fur scarves around the neck or tuck it in their corporate jacket while on a business outing. Ladies can also wrap the fur around the neck or shoulder while going for a business meeting or casual outing. You can be rest assured you don’t need to wear something else in a mild weather; the fur scarf is good enough to keep you warm.

2.      If you are going for a classic or sophisticated look, it is important to ensure that the only accessory that is accentuated is the fur scarf. This luxury fabric exudes elegance and luxury when used as the only accent in a formal outfit for both men and women. Be sure to own it when you wear it, this accessory is for the bold ones. Additionally you must be mindful of the color tone of your outfit. A brow fur coat will look gorgeous on a contrasting color such as black or chocolate brown. Ladies can choose to rock a brown fur scarf with a bold and sultry red gown…now that’s what I call “the signature look”.


3.      Prior to shopping for a fur scarf, you should consider the color tones you have in your wardrobe. You don’t want to combine colors that’ll smother your look. However, there are some shade that is a must have when it comes to quality fur scarves; these include different color tones of brown, black, and golden-brown. These colors seem to go with almost any outfit of different colors. You can also choose to buy selective colors such as white. If you happen to stumble upon what I call “must have fur scarves” with a color tone that is different from what you have in your wardrobe, then you better be ready to shop for outfits that will mirror the monochrome.


If done the proper way, you can be rest assured you’ll look your best for casual, and/or formal, appointments.

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