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Fashionable Fox Fur Scarf Goes Well with Any Dress

Posted by violeta 15/05/2017 0 Comment(s) Women's fur scarves and accessories,

A scarf is what highlights and accents your style. Fabric scarves with colourful prints make a style statement and the fun part is that, if chosen to match your dress, they make you look so wonderfully attractive and chic. They are good but only just because when it gets bitingly cold even the finest cashmere does not provide the degree of warmth you need. The only thing that will keep you looking gorgeous and also snugly warm is a fur scarf. It has to be the genuine one, not the faux fur type. 

The mink fur scarf has a lot going for it. With lustrous silky looks and feel, it can make you look absolutely marvellous. The limiting factor here may be that it has a uniform dark colour and you may find that it does not match some dress styles. You can luxuriate in the thought that you are wearing something that is rare and available only to the privileged few.


If you really want to look glamorously stylish, no matter what your dress or hair style then you will find the silver and platinum fox fur scarf  an irresistible fashion accessory. There are quite a few reasons why this is better than most other furs especially when comfort warmth and fashion must fuse together in a stylish creation which happens in the arctic fox fur scarf.  The wonderful thing about this fur is:

- It is incredibly soft yet light in weight despite its filled out looks.

- It has rich, warm, luxurious feel that caresses you and envelops you in a warm glow. Your skin literally seems to glow in the light reflecting from the satiny fur.

- The fur is not uniformly colour. It has deep dark colouring at the root leading out to silvery points at the tips. The overall effect of this combination of dark and silver is just magnificent. It goes well with practically any dress style, any colour and suits any complexion.

- The thing with fabric scarves is that you must knot them around your neck or fold them or loop them just the right way to achieve a certain effect. With a fur scarf none of that applies. Just throw it carelessly over your shoulders and you will still project an image that is so devastatingly chic that other women will envy you. You can appear elegant and sophisticated or casually chic with your hair and the fur blending so seamlessly as to provide a unifying appearance and continuity.

Of course there are a few things to keep in mind when you think of buying a real fur scarf. The fur must be that of the silver fox fur. Buy it only from a genuine maker of fur scarves such as and you are assured of the richest and freshest pelts hand stitched together to create a seamless ensemble. 

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