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Why do fur scarves never go out of style?

Posted by violeta 17/08/2017 0 Comment(s) Men's fur scarves and accessories,Women's fur scarves and accessories,

There are some people, who would not support this notion. They would say that fur went out of style a long time ago, that nowadays the popular trend was wearing faux fur, faux leather shoes, eating raw food and looking down on people, who enjoy eating meat, actively engaging in sports and being a champion of life in general. Despite of these new “trends”, fur scarves are still a popular element demonstrated on high fashion podiums year by year and women are eager to get it, they enjoy wearing it and they speak highly of it.


The famous Anna Wintour has said that women had the right to wear fur. She is probably right because fur coats, fur accessories, fur scarves have become classics, just like a little black dress or diamonds, which will never go out of style (well, at least for the upcoming decades). It has been a long time when fur stopped being regarded as merely a synonym of a warm, practical, and durable piece of clothing protecting us from cold weather.


Nowadays it is all about the message fur scarves sends, about the symbolic meaning of it: it a sign of luxury, value, femininity, and exclusivity. Most women feel more feminine, exceptional while dressed in fur. Nothing could ever take away women’s desire to be beautiful, to dress nice, therefore fur will reign in women’s closets (this is often the case with men as well) for many years yet to come.

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